Join me in Italy

An in-depth & all-inclusive exploration of the food culture around Italy

Six locations, each with distinct culinary traditions.

Exact dates & locations vary from year to year because the Divora-series is an ultra-custom travel service that meticulously takes advantage of yearly local availabilities. Please check back often on or email me directly anytime for updates:




Where it all began. I was born and raised in the center of Rome and will show you the off-the-beaten-path places that most visitors never get to see. Come with me as my guest, in my own city of birth. You'll meet my family and see my childhood stomping grounds, all while eating and sipping on typical local Roman cuisine and wine. Day trip(s) to the countryside are part of our week in Rome, so be prepared to see lakes and hills and vineyards, too. Join me!



Tuscany is world famous for it's rolling hills of clay, it's meandering two-track roads to the top of the bald hills, and the incredible golden sunsets on ancient villas adorned with cypress trees. The wines are coveted by the world and the cuisine compliments the wines to perfection. Tuscany is a large region where most travelers go to, but there are hidden and off-the beaten path areas that I would love to show you, to get away from the tourist books, to experience what is left of the beautiful traditional Tuscany. Join me!



Lazio is the region which Rome is the capital of. There is so much to Lazio than meets the eye. Being from Rome, her surroundings were my back yard while growing up, so allow me to take you to this beautiful countryside, by lodging in a beautiufl medieval town near volcanic lakes, beautiful historic parks and Etruscan ruins. All while sipping and tasting the local regional cuisine, which changes from corner to corner of the region. Join me!



Puglia is a gem. It is still off-the-beaten-path for most travelers. Puglia is isolated from the main central and northern regions of Italy by being in its heel, in a peninsula sticking straight out into the Mediterranean (like Florida's panhandle is to the USA). The customs and architecture in Puglia remain true to it's origins: sparce, rustic, and simplistic. The typical lodging there is a Trullo, which is white, circular and with cone shaped roof (see thumbnail image). Known of it's ancient groves of olive trees (and delicious oils!). Join me!



Umbria is the only one of the 13 regions of Italy that is completely land locked. it is considered Italy's Green Lung as it is covered in beautiful trees and is nestled among the Apennine Mountains along the spine of the boot. Regional cuisine consists of mushrooms and wild bore, among other delicious local ingredients, and not to mention the tasty wines! This is a rustic region of Italy, with medieval hilltop burgs. Join me!



Sicily is the biggest island in Italy. It is like stepping in a country all of its own with its Arabic, Greek and African influences. The culture & cuisine (& language) is very different from there rest of Italy, and not to mention it being absolutely beautiful. Arid, with active volcanoes, surrounded by the blue Mediterranean sea, brimming with delicious wine, fish-based cuisine and picturesque cities and towns strewn across the hills and along the coasts. Ancient temples still stand all around, as today's world ticks by. Join me!