About Alice

We'll be in Italy together.
Lets get to know each other!

Ciao! I am a long time resident of the quirky city of Portland Oregon, but am an Italian citizen, native to Rome. Travel around the world has been the major force behind my upbringing, though with the passing years, increasing visits to my roots in Rome have become priority. 

Based in Portland Oregon USA, DivoraRoma, LLC (under which DivoraItalia is nestled) is lead by myself. My deep connection to my home country of Italy, pushed my to create the Divora-series. My goal is to share with you the delicious culinary scene within my favorite regions and cities in Italy. Every village, town, city and region in Italy offers different dishes and traditions... join my on one or all culinary voyages, to experience this abundance of food (and wine!), yourself. Come solo, as a pair, or in a group and mangiamo!

To inquire or chat, please email Alice@DivoraRoma.com or send a detailed message via my contact  form. Thank you & see you in Italy!

~ Alice